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How To Know If Someone Deleted or Blocked You On Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the trending visual content platforms for sharing your desired content. It allows the users to use the various effects, filters on the snaps clicked in the phone. It can make the user interaction faster, exciting and connected through the stories and short time videos on their profile. One of the interesting features is that pictures and messages are only available for a short time before they are inaccessible to their users. Today we will discuss the procedures on “How To Know If Someone Deleted or Blocked You On Snapchat”. Enjoy!

Despite these features, what if someone has blocked you on Snapchat? Well Snapchat does not send you notifications but we can still tell if they have by following ways:

How To Know If Someone Deleted or Blocked You On Snapchat

  1. Looking at your recent conversations:
  • This method will work if the person who has blocked you had a recent conversation with you.
  • You can look and check the specific person if they are still listed as being in recent conversation with you otherwise the method will not work.
  1. Search for their username:
  • You can do a quick search on their username who has blocked you.
  • If there is no any trace regarding the search it is likely the user has blocked you.
  1. Use a different account to search them:
  • You can also use create a new Snapchat account to search the username of the blocked user.
  • If the username shows up on the other account search then you can assume that the person has blocked you.

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Being blocked and deleted on Snapchat are totally different things. There are certain ways to figure out if someone has deleted the Snapchat account. They are:

(1) Send them a test snap:

  • The first thing to check out is open Snapchat and send them a picture.
  • The snap status then needs to be checked.
  • If it says pending or shows the grey arrow then the person might have deleted you on Snapchat.

(2) Look at their Snapchat score:

  • Hold your finger on the profile and the information will pop up.
  • If the score (how many snaps they have sent and so on) is not there then you may have been deleted.
  • You may not also see the score if they have configured the privacy settings in a certain way.

So, these were all about the steps on How To Know If Someone Deleted or Blocked You On Snapchat. If you have any more queries, you can comment us below or contact us.

 Updating Snapchat in Appstore and Playstore

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging application in which pictures and messages are available for a short time before they disappear. It mainly focuses on personal stories and photos for 24 hours in a chronological way. Snapchat has become notable for placing emphasis on users interacting with various filters, stickers and real objects. Snapchat also allows users to add real-time effects to their snaps by using face detection technology. Snaps can consist of a photo or short video which can be edited to include filters and effects, text captions and drawings. Snaps can be directed to private selected contacts, or to a semi-public “Story”. The latest feature in 2018 allows the user to send Musical GIFs, TuneMojis. Today we will help you with Updating Snapchat in Appstore and Playstore.

Snapchat can be updated both on Android and iOS devices. Android devices use the Google Playstore for updating their applications while the iOS devices use the App store provided on their iOS devices.

(A) Updating Snapchat in Appstore and Playstore are separately given below. But first let’s see Snapchat update in Playstore:

 Updating Snapchat in Appstore and Playstore

  1. Open the Google Playstore firstly on your android device.
  2. Tap the Menu button on your left side of the screen and select “My apps” which will open a list of all of your installed applications.
  3. Find the Snapchat app in the list.
  4. If an update is available, it will be listed in the “Update available” section.
  5. The user then has to tap “Update” in the bottom right corner of the app box.
  6. Tapping “update” will begin downloading the update files and notified when it’s finished.

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(B) Snapchat update in AppStore:

 Updating Snapchat in Appstore and Playstore2

  1. Open the AppStore on your iOS phone or tablets and make sure that the device is connected to the internet.
  2. Tap the updates button on the bottom of your phone and select Snapchat app to update.
  3. Tap the update button next to Snapchat to update the application.
  4. After a few minutes, your application is updated and the user can use the latest version on their device.

So, these were the steps involved in  Updating Snapchat in Appstore and Playstore. If it was helpful, please share this post.

How To Create Your Own Snapchat Filter In App

Snapchat app’s fun filters and lenses are the popular features that attract millions of users to the app. You can make your own Filters right from your Snapchat app to celebrate a special event – anything from a wedding to your friend’s birthday using geofilters. Geofilters allow people and brands to create their own custom filters to layer designs, logos or names, artwork, and other elements over messages that are sent through the app. Today, we will guide the steps on how to create your own Snapchat filter in app.

So here are the steps on How To Create Your Own Snapchat Filter In App:

  1. First, go to your Camera screen and tap the icon to your profile in the top-left.
  2. Click the settings button to go to your settings.
    How To Create Your Own Snapchat Filter In App
  3. Tap ‘Filters & Lenses’ button.
  4. Select ‘Filters’.
  5. Then tap the button in the top right to create your new Filter.
  6. Choose what your Filter as per your need.
  7. Now, choose one of the listed templates to get started.
  8. Edit your Filter– You can click to edit the text that’s part of the selected template or drag it into the trash as you want. You can even add your own text and stickers in it.
  9. Add Friendmoji– You can also decorate your Filter with you and your friend’s Bitmoji. While adding a sticker, just click on the search bar and choose any two friends you want to feature.
  10. Tap the done button(correct sign) when your Filter looks just right to use for you.
  11. Name your own created Filter (something easy to recognize).
  12. Schedule your Filter – Choose your start time and an end time cause your Filter can last anywhere from an hour to weeks or more.
  13. Sort out the area you want your Filter to cover then drag the points of your Geofence to change shape(pinch your fingers in and out to change its size).
  14. Your Filter’s price will be automatically updated based on how big your Geofence is.
  15. Do double check all the info you placed on your Filter order.
  16. Click ‘Submit’ to send your Filter our way for approval. You will get notified once it’s been approved. Then, all you will need to do is confirm your payment.

The price of your Filter is calculated on of basis of size, the time you need and how in demand that location is at the moment.

So, these were the steps on How To Create Your Own Snapchat Filter In App. Enjoy!

How To Use Snapchat Maps

Snapchat maps help you to track other Snapchat users on a map by viewing each other users’ snaps which they submitted from all across the world including sporting events, celebrations, breaking news, and more. Map Explore is the new feature of Snapchat maps that will alert and update Snapchat users about what’s happening on their Snapchat. With new location feature, Snapchat maps is being popular day by day. Now days Snapchat are being popular so much with the growing technology.  Now we discuss about how to use Snapchat maps in this session.

How to use Snapchat maps? With this following points, it will be clear.

How To Use Snapchat Maps
  1. First launch the app and pinch gesture on the screen with two fingers.
  2. The Snapchat maps will launch automatically, but first time it will prompted to specify who is able to view your location. After that you can Select any of the options which includes Only Me, My Friends or Select Friends, then click Next to perform further action.
  3. Snapchat maps will inform you that to add a Snap to the map you just need to add it to’ Our Story’ rather than ‘My Story’. Click Finish to get started.
  4. After that you can see map of your location and other friends who is near to you in Snapchat maps shown in roundels.
    How To Use Snapchat Maps
  5. For to find specific featured stories in Snapchat mpas you can also click on the search bar at the top.
    How To Use Snapchat Maps
  6. By clicking at the setting cog at the top of the page you can also change your location sharing privacy options.

  1. By tapping shutter button you can add a snap to the map with snapchat camera.
  2. By tapping the send button you can add snap to the map, after that select our story for further action.

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Following are the functionality about voice-changing that you captured any video snap.

  1. First launch Snapchat maps. By selecting a filter in the scrolling list to the right of the capture bottom, you can pick a lens as normal by holding a finger onscreen over your face until a white grid appears.
  1. To end recording lets go of the capture bottom, then at the bottom left of the screen look for a new speaker icon. “Tap try voice Filter” if this is your first time.

Let go of the capture button to end recording, then look for a new speaker icon at the bottom left of the screen, beside the usual download and add to story icons. If it’s the first time you’ve tried it you should see the message ‘Tap to try Voice Filters!’

  1. Tap any of these icons i.e. speaker icon and several options to try a new voice filter.
  2. By tapping the blue send button you can continue to send the snap in usal way with a voice filter.

Now we all are clear about how to use Snapchat maps. If you have any queries or confusion you can comment down on our link. For further more information please touch with us.

How To Video Chat In Snapchat

How To Video Chat In Snapchat

Snapchat is a social media app and site which allows a user to photo message someone from the snapchat contacts. Snapchat has different features also. Video chat in snapchat is one of the feature that is found  in any other typical social media app and other texting applications and so does snapchat.If you dont know How To Video Chat In Snapchat then follow the steps below.How To Video Chat In Snapchat

How To video chat in Snapchat, you can follow these steps:

  1. So, you will need to open the Snapchat app in your device. As you open the app, the main screen opens the camera from where you need to swipe right and enter the chat screen or inbox screen.
  2. There you need to tap on the contact name that you want to video chat with. You will also see the chat history if you tap on it. Then the blank where you type will have some icons below it.
  3. Form those icons, you need to tap on the video recorder/ camera icon. If this is your first time video chatting with someone, tap Call on the warning about cellular data here.
  4. After that your call will be connected. He/she must be online to pick up your call and start your video chat. So, as they accept your call, you will be able to talk with him/her live and that is called video chat.
  5. If you want to hang up then you will need to tap on the same video icon for it.

Yes video chat is easy, but if he/she is not online and not receiving your call then you can leave the video note/ call to make them get your message or notice that you want to share. For that, you can follow these steps:

  1. Inside the chat box with that particular person, you need to press continuously that camera icon and start recording your video message. You can record the message you want to send.
  2. After recording, you will need to leave the finger away from the icon and your recording will stop. And the video message will be sent. He/she will receive it when they come online.

So, you can video chat in Snapchat easily or send a video notes as well.

Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats

Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats

Snapchat has a nice feature like getting notified if someone has just screenshotted your snapchat. This is very much secure to use the app. But there are so many other apps that can fail this feature from Snapchat. Some apps that will not make Snapchat notify anyone that you have screenshot the snap chat.Some of those Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats are mentioned here so you can screenshot your snapchat.

Some of the Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats without notifying others. They are:

  1. Fone – iOS Screen RecorderBest Apps To Save Your Snapchats - dr.fone

As the name is iOS Screen Recorder, it is only applicable for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. This app is available in Apple Store and it is completely free. This app allows a user to save snapchat and snap stories without getting the author notified. Many of the following apps is mentioned to do that. Later, you can save the video and edit it as per your needs. You can also use this tool to mirror your device on a bigger screen for other purposes.

  1. MirrorGo Android RecorderBest Apps To Save Your Snapchats - mirrorGO

As in the first option, this app is only applicable for the Android phones. Android phones have Google Play Store as the mobile app store in it. The app is freely available in the Google Play Store. This app also allows you to mirror your screen to a bigger device wirelessly. It allows to screenshot and record the video also.

  1. CasperBest Apps To Save Your Snapchats - Casper

You should definitely try Casper app in your Android phone. This app is not available in iOS. This latest Snapchat screen recorder can be used to save stories as well as snaps. You can add the stickers and new filters in your recorded video or screenshot snaps.

  1. SnapCrack

SnapCrack is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app is freely available in both Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats - SnapCrackdevices. This apps gives you the features of stickers and doodles for your snapshot and recorded videos. Just like every other third-party app, it also comes with a few restrictions and you can’t use it with Snapchat simultaneously.

  1. SnapSave

SnapSave is also applicable for both Android and iOS devices. This is one of the oldest app to Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats - SnapSavesave the snapchats. From the users, they say this is the most effective app for these works. Though it is applicable for both Android and iOS, you can’t find it in official stores of any device. You just need to download it from third-party sites and it is not freely available as it is most effective app.


There are many other apps that can be downloaded for free. But it is always better to use a paid version than a free version. Always works better.

How To Use Snapchat Stories

How To Use Snapchat Stories

Snapchat a popular social media which takes media as a unique messaging app and site. This allows photo messaging to someone from the Snapchat contacts. You can use snapchat stories feature which means uploading some pics that will be removed automatically after 24 hour.Dont know How TO Use Snapchat Stories.Here is how.

How TO Use Snapchat Stories?? follow these easy steps:

  1. First of all, you will need to know how to post a story in your Snapchat. So, as you open the app, you will see the camera is open. The camera used to take snap of the moment.
    How TO Use Snapchat Stories
  2. So, as you take a snap or moment it in a snap, you need to tap on the plus icon on the bottom of the screen. This will add the snap on your story. If you are adding the snap for the first time then you will need to tap in the “Add” text to confirm.
  3. Confirmation is always needed when its first time. You can also tap on the forward icon and then you can tap in the “My Story” section to add the snap in your Story.
  4. The added snap will be deleted after 24 hours as you uploaded. You can also delete it earlier if you want. For that you need to tap on the triple dot icon in the story snap.
  5. From there, you will need to choose the snap that you want to delete. As you choose and view the snap, you need to swipe up and then you can tap on the bin icon which is delete option.
  6. Then, there you again need to tap on the “delete” button just to be confirm. If you want to save the snap story before deleting then you can save the story in your device as well.
  7. As you open the snap story, you will get the downward arrow icon which means download/ save. As you see the icon in the story you want to save then tap on that icon. This will save the snap directly in your mobile phone.

Using Snapchat and working with Snapchat Stories, you are only able to do it with your own Story.

How To Add Friends On Snapchat And Chat With Them

How To Add Friends On Snapchat And Chat With Them

Snapchat is a social media which allows a user to add friends on snapchat and chat and also with other who are in Snapchat. Snapchat is a different type of messaging site and app which allows the user to photo message someone form the Snapchat friend list. It is mostly popular for instant capture which is known as Snap Moment.Here is How To Add Friends On Snapchat And Chat With Them.How To Add Friends On Snapchat And Chat With Them

How To add friends on Snapchat and chat with them? You can follow these steps:

  1. The easiest way, while you sign up your account, snapchat will ask wether to add friends or not. It would be easy form there but if you had skipped that step and later need to add friends then you can start searching or add form the contacts.
  2. To search, you can do it in two ways, either ask your friend for the Snapcode of their profile or search using Username. So, Snapcode is the only profile code that is used to add that particular person in friend list.
  3. You will just need to search the Snapcode and then it will automatically ask you to add in list or not. And if you need to search by his/her username then, you should know the username of that person in Snapchat first.
  4. So, you will need to ask what the username of that particular person. Or you can add friends using your mobile contacts. For that, you need to tap on the Profile icon of your profile from your Profile screen.
  5. Then there you will see “Add Friends” options which you need to tap on. Then you need to tap on the “Contacts” option. This will open a screen where you will get on-screen instructions for the adding friends.

Then after adding friend on Snapchat, you can start chatting. For chatting, you can follow these steps:

  1. From the main screen, you will need to swipe left and the all the friend list will show up.

    How To Add Friends On Snapchat And Chat With Them

  2.  From there, you can start a conversation with a person by selecting.
  3. After you have started conversation, you will need to swipe right from the main screen to see the chat inbox.

If you use Snapchat more closely, then you will understand the points more clearly.