How to Download Snapchat on Mobile

How to Download Snapchat on Mobile

Snapchat is the most popular mobile app nowadays. The main use of Snapchat is to destroy our original photos and videos into funny photos and videos. People take fun from this Snapchat and enjoy themselves. The photos taken from Snapchat app is known as snap and sometimes snap stories. Snapchat is mostly used by female teenagers as well as male also. Here are the tips How to Download Snapchat on Mobile.

To take fun from Snapchat you should download Snapchat app from your play store or from your iOS app store. Here are some steps How to Download Snapchat on Mobile:

How to Download Snapchat on Mobile

  1. First of all, you should turn on your mobile Wi-Fi and connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. After connecting Wi-Fi network, you should go to your play store and open it if you got android phone and if you have iPhone then you should go to iOS app store and open it.
  3. You will see search field in both play store and in iOS apple store.
  4. Type Snapchat in the search box.
  5. After typing Snapchat you will see the list of results.
  6. Select the very first app with the white logo of ghost with yellow background.
  7. After selecting that app, you will see “Install” button there.
  8. Press on that “Install” button and wait for some minutes. Snapchat contains 49.64 MB size in play store and 215 MB in iPhone.
  9. After sometimes Snapchat will be downloaded.
  10. Tap on the Snapchat app and open it.
  11. Now, you have successfully downloaded or installed Snapchat in your android or in your iPhone.
  12. You must have your Snapchat account to get start with it.
  13. After opening app, you will see there two options. One is “log in” button with red color and another is “Sign up” button with blue color.
  14. If you have Snapchat account already then you tap on “Log in” button
  15. After tapping in login button you will enter in next page where you have to enter your email and password.
  16. And if you don’t have Snapchat account you have to tap on “Sign up” button with blue color.
  17. After tapping “Sign up” button you can create your Snapchat account and enjoy from it.

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