How To Change Font And Text Color On Snapchat

How To Change Font And Text Color On Snapchat

Snapchat a social media which has unique messaging feature by allowing a user to photo or vedio message someone from snapchat contacts. Snapchat can be used by anyone as it is a free to create an account. Snapchat has a default font and its color with a text which can be changed if you want some interesting graphics in your Snaps.Here is how to change font and text color on snapchat.How To Change Font And Text Color On Snapchat

How to change font and text color on Snapchat? You can follow these steps:

1. So, you will need to open the Snapchat app in your device. As you open the app, the main screen opens the camera from which you need to click a snap. So, as you click a nice snap add a text in it.
2. To add text, you need to tap in the ‘T’ icon in the screen. Then you need to type the text that you want. Then there you can change the color. You will see the color bar below the ‘T’ icon.
3. As you change color, you can also move text up and down on the photo or just move the text wherever you want on the photo. You can also resize the text as you want to show it. You will need to tap on the ‘T’ icon when you type the text.
4. Then you will get the bar where you can resize the text on photo. So, as Snapchat had new update in 2018 and got a new feature which is to have new fonts.
5. You can add text in different fonts. You will have the classic font as a default but you can edit as “Big Text”, “Glow” and “Rainbow”. You can also have your text in Italic and Gradient.
6. Gradient allows you to have a borderline in your text and color your text under the border.
You can change text or font and even color of the text as you want.

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