How To Know If Someone Deleted or Blocked You On Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the trending visual content platforms for sharing your desired content. It allows the users to use the various effects, filters on the snaps clicked in the phone. It can make the user interaction faster, exciting and connected through the stories and short time videos on their profile. One of the interesting features is that pictures and messages are only available for a short time before they are inaccessible to their users. Today we will discuss the procedures on “How To Know If Someone Deleted or Blocked You On Snapchat”. Enjoy!

Despite these features, what if someone has blocked you on Snapchat? Well Snapchat does not send you notifications but we can still tell if they have by following ways:

How To Know If Someone Deleted or Blocked You On Snapchat

  1. Looking at your recent conversations:
  • This method will work if the person who has blocked you had a recent conversation with you.
  • You can look and check the specific person if they are still listed as being in recent conversation with you otherwise the method will not work.
  1. Search for their username:
  • You can do a quick search on their username who has blocked you.
  • If there is no any trace regarding the search it is likely the user has blocked you.
  1. Use a different account to search them:
  • You can also use create a new Snapchat account to search the username of the blocked user.
  • If the username shows up on the other account search then you can assume that the person has blocked you.

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Being blocked and deleted on Snapchat are totally different things. There are certain ways to figure out if someone has deleted the Snapchat account. They are:

(1) Send them a test snap:

  • The first thing to check out is open Snapchat and send them a picture.
  • The snap status then needs to be checked.
  • If it says pending or shows the grey arrow then the person might have deleted you on Snapchat.

(2) Look at their Snapchat score:

  • Hold your finger on the profile and the information will pop up.
  • If the score (how many snaps they have sent and so on) is not there then you may have been deleted.
  • You may not also see the score if they have configured the privacy settings in a certain way.

So, these were all about the steps on How To Know If Someone Deleted or Blocked You On Snapchat. If you have any more queries, you can comment us below or contact us.

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