How to Use Snapchat Properly

How to Use Snapchat Properly

Snapchat is the popular social media account which works in a different way. This is simply known for unique messaging that is you can photo message anyone in your snapchat connection. This is a free service that can be signed up freely by anyone. As you create account, you can delete also if you don’t want. There you can chat with strangers and even with the friends. Another best site to stay connected with friends through social media. Snapchat is available in both site version and app versions. Snapchat app is available in both Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded from the respective store. Now learn to How to Use Snapchat Properly.

You should know how the Snapchat is used and how to use it properly. Check these following steps to learn How to Use Snapchat Properly:

How To Use Snapchat Properly

  1. Snapshot photos and videos

Snapchat means taking snap and chat with friends. So, you just need to snap something and you can share with friends you want. For that:

  1. As you open the app, you will get your camera open. The Snapchat camera where you can snap anything instantly. As you go for snap something make sure your photos looks good.
  2. So, you can tap on the screen where you want to focus on. Better to focus on face if you are click people and it is better to focus on particular things by taping on it.
  3. Then to take snap, you need to tap on the circle icon in the bottom of the screen. You can take video from same by holding the icon while taping. As you snap something, you can save the photo/ video as well.
  4. You will get the save icon in the bottom of the screen of the photo/ video. Save the snap for later postings. You can simply share instantly with friends that you want.
  1. Setting a picture view time limit

Setting a picture view time limit means when you share a picture to a friend, you can set some time which will work as a short period for watching the photo. He/ she will be only be visible to see for the limited time that you have sent. To set time:

  1. As you click the snap photo, you will see a timer icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Tap on it and open the timer screen.
  2. You can select from 1 second to 10 second split time. You can chaos the time you want to set and after that you can share the photo with friend. Your friend will only be visible to see for limited time that you have set.
  1. Send Snaps

When you take a snap, make sure how you sent to others. In latest update you just need to snap something and you will get the arrow icon which will open the contacts that you have added in Snapchat. You just need to choose the person that you want to send the snap. It is easy now.

  1. Setting filters and lenses

You might now that you get some filters and emoji in Snapchat for your snaps. The filters can be used in both photo and videos. To add filters:

  1. So, as you open the Snapchat camera to snap something or just your face i.e. Selfie, then you just need to tap and hold your face in the screen before clicking the snap. This will measure down your face.
  2. The measurement is for a use. As you see the some emoji and filters, you can tap it to use it and the measurement taken of your face is used here to get the filter/ lenses exactly in your face.
  3. You can select different types of filters as you want. You can both video or photo the moment with the filter/ emoji. And as you snap, you can share it normally.
  1. New Slo-Mo and Time Lapse feature

In the latest update of Snapchat, you can slow down the speed of the video and fast forward in a same way as well. For that:

  1. You will need to record a video first. Make sure that the video has some movements. Don’t video a dull object. As you record a video, you will be previewed that video.
  2. While previewing, you need to swipe left or right in the screen so that the new feature can take place. If you get the snail icon then your video will be slowed.
  3. And if you get a plane icon then your video will be fast forward that is time lapsed. This is quite a fun feature in Snapchat videos.

6. Voice Changer in Snapchat video

You might see some video of other snapchat users that the voice in the video is changed. You can do it as well because this is also the new feature in it. For that:

  1. You just need to record a video in a normal way and in a normal voice. And as you get the preview of the video, you will see a small speaker icon in the bottom of the screen.
  2. So, you need to tap on that icon and then the voice filters will be shown and previewed in your video. You can set the voice what you want and then you can share the video in a normal way.
  1. Deleting Snapchat messages

You might have many friends in snapchat as well. And you might also chat with many strangers. If you don’t want to look at your message box in messed then you can delete your old messages that you don’t want. You can simply delete your snapchat message by tap and long press on the particular message that you want to delete. The option will show you form which you need to choose the delete option. And after that the message will be deleted. You can delete as many as you want.

Snapchat gives you many other features that you can Use Snapchat Properly. If you use Snapchat time to time then you will know it on your own. You can have some hidden feature in Snapchat as well. you can simply find it.These are the simple tips on How to Use Snapchat Properly.Follow these steps on How to use snapchat properly to increase effeciency and enjoy to the fullest.

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