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Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats

Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats

Snapchat has a nice feature like getting notified if someone has just screenshotted your snapchat. This is very much secure to use the app. But there are so many other apps that can fail this feature from Snapchat. Some apps that will not make Snapchat notify anyone that you have screenshot the snap chat.Some of those Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats are mentioned here so you can screenshot your snapchat.

Some of the Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats without notifying others. They are:

  1. Fone – iOS Screen RecorderBest Apps To Save Your Snapchats - dr.fone

As the name is iOS Screen Recorder, it is only applicable for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. This app is available in Apple Store and it is completely free. This app allows a user to save snapchat and snap stories without getting the author notified. Many of the following apps is mentioned to do that. Later, you can save the video and edit it as per your needs. You can also use this tool to mirror your device on a bigger screen for other purposes.

  1. MirrorGo Android RecorderBest Apps To Save Your Snapchats - mirrorGO

As in the first option, this app is only applicable for the Android phones. Android phones have Google Play Store as the mobile app store in it. The app is freely available in the Google Play Store. This app also allows you to mirror your screen to a bigger device wirelessly. It allows to screenshot and record the video also.

  1. CasperBest Apps To Save Your Snapchats - Casper

You should definitely try Casper app in your Android phone. This app is not available in iOS. This latest Snapchat screen recorder can be used to save stories as well as snaps. You can add the stickers and new filters in your recorded video or screenshot snaps.

  1. SnapCrack

SnapCrack is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app is freely available in both Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats - SnapCrackdevices. This apps gives you the features of stickers and doodles for your snapshot and recorded videos. Just like every other third-party app, it also comes with a few restrictions and you can’t use it with Snapchat simultaneously.

  1. SnapSave

SnapSave is also applicable for both Android and iOS devices. This is one of the oldest app to Best Apps To Save Your Snapchats - SnapSavesave the snapchats. From the users, they say this is the most effective app for these works. Though it is applicable for both Android and iOS, you can’t find it in official stores of any device. You just need to download it from third-party sites and it is not freely available as it is most effective app.


There are many other apps that can be downloaded for free. But it is always better to use a paid version than a free version. Always works better.

How to BackUp Snapchat Photos

How to Back-Up Snapchat Photos

There is no doubt that Snapchat is the most fun camera mobile application in the present times. It has unique filters which are very fun to use. The filters can also be used with at most three friends and also can be used using the back camera. However, the photos that are taken can be saved in Snapchat memories but not on your phone. Well, it’s not that you can’t save those pictures on your phone, you just have to adjust your settings. Here are some ways of How to BackUp Snapchat Photos on your phone.

How to BackUp Snapchat Photos first way is that you can change the setting of Snapchat which will save all the pictures you post in your story in both your memories as well as your phone. To do so follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Snapchat and tap on your bitmoji or picture on the top left.
  2. Now tap on the gear icon which is the settings button.
  3. Then, scroll down and tap on Memories.
  4. Below, tap on Save To…
    How to BackUp Snapchat Photos
  5. Now select Memories and Camera Roll. You can also select camera roll only if you wish to save the pictures only on your device.
  6. Also, make sure that the “Auto-Save My Story” option is selected.

This will create a Snapchat folder on your device and save all your snaps. However, this only works when you post the snap to your story. To save the snaps you send to our friends follow these steps.

  1. After you took the snap, before you send it to your friends, save it to memories by tapping on the left corner button.
  2. Then open your memories by tapping on the icon just below the circle through which you would click you snap.
  3. Now, find the snap that you want to save and long press on it. A number of options will show.
  4. Tap on Export Snap.
  5. Then choose Camera Roll.
  6. Now, you snap has been saved to your camera roll.

To save the snaps sent by your friends you can simply take the screenshot of the snaps. You can take a screenshot by pressing the volume key + power button in Android and sleep/wake + home in Apple. Now, to save the Snaps to Google photos, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your phone.
  2. Now go to settings. You will find the settings button when you tap on the three stripe icon.
  3. Tap on Back up & Sync.
  4. Tap on Back up device folder.
  5. Now make sure that the Snapchat is selected.

Now, all the snaps that you have saved to camera roll will be saved to your Google Photos account.These are the simplest and easiest way on How to BackUp Snapchat Photos.Enjoy snapchat!!